Eurosun, new generation sun.

Euroelektrica srl, is a leading company for the production of professional tanning systems with many years of experience.

Who we are

Eurosun has been founded at the end of the eighties in Portogruaro from the professional idea of its five founders.At the beginning it had to do with tanning products. In the nineties it evolved to the production of professional High Pressure tanning equipment with cutting edge solutions and starting with its own EUROSUN brand.

Enthusiasm, perseverance and teamwork are the shared values of the company ​​that have led its members and the entire management team to reach new and ambitious goals. Eurosun has reached valuable results. Its headquarters is based in Portogruaro and is formed by a production plant, a technical and commercial division and a showroom. Euroelektrica has dealers within and outside Italy. Eurosun is a leading company in continuous evolution that focuses on the production and sale of professional tools. Each product is rigorously tested with a great attention to all the details.

Since Eurosun acquired a lot of experience, it can offer long-lasting partnership relations with its customers. All the aesthetic equipment created by Euroelektrica allow freedom of use, flexibility, accurate design and customizable, innovative and cutting edge technological solutions.

From experience starts: